11.15 – 11.45: UX presentation

Speaker: Jens Hofman Hansen, Digital forretningsudvikler & UX-konsulent, Vertica


How to make a heavenly experience when a pig dies

When an animal dies at a farm, a farmer loses something of great value. But the dead animal is actually still of great value. If picked up early, it can be transformed into bio diesel and other eco friendly products. Vertica developed an app that lets the farmer quickly report the death so Daka’s truck can pick up the animal as fast as possible. Hear how we got to know about the farmers’ abilities and willingness to use such an app and how we kept something that should be simple – simple. By focusing strictly on giving value to the users, the app has gained traction among thousands of farmers in Denmark. We’ll tell about the adoption rate and how we are extending the app in order to free the farmers of even more burdens.