10.45 – 11.15: UX presentation

Speaker: Simone Dyhr Johansen, User Experience Consultant, Duckwise


Let´s make cupcakes. Why frosting and sprinkles are important

Clients tend to value the amount of features higher than the quality of the overall app experience. The side effect of this is that micro-interactions (a.k.a. the frosting) is often left out because of limited resources. So why is this a problem? Micro-interactions are the feel in the look´n´feel of the app and without them you don’t get the full experience.

In this talk we will elucidate why frosting and sprinkles are important and why theses sweet delights often get neglected in favour of an expansion of features. Furthermore we will address how to convince clients that the small things matter when it comes to designing a great user experience. Prioritizing frosting and sprinkles not only has the ability to make the application enjoyable but it can also enhance the memorability of the experience and of the brand itself.