11.45 – 12.15: QA presentation

Speaker: Hans-Henrik Olesen


Don’t Forget to Move!

Mobile solutions are great They are ubiquitous, they are emersive, they are everywhere – and should work everywhere! How do we make sure of that? Mobile solutions include phone, cameras, sensors, actuators and since the internet of things have come about, they can all talk together. It is the mother of all integration tests!

The environments for mobile solutions are vastly more complex, and if you treat the testing as you would a traditional solution, it will most likely fail! Hans-Henrik will take you through a number of examples of how the testing of mobile solutions can fail, and he will tell you  how to avoid it. You won’t be a testing god after the presentation, but you will avoid the most common pitfalls the next time you are building a mobile solution and need to test it.