Keynote speaker

Keynote speaker Karl Krukow, Microsoft (co-founder of LessPainful) will speak about:

“2500 Smartphones at the Push of a Button: Auto-testing mobile apps in the cloud”

Android devices come in all shapes and sizes, with vastly different performance levels and screen sizes. Furthermore, there are many different versions of Android that are concurrently active at any one time, adding another level of fragmentation. What this means is that developing apps that work across the whole range of Android devices can be extremely challenging and time-consuming (OpenSignal 2015 Android Fragmentation Report).

With just a few lines of code and the push of a button you can automatically test iOS and Android apps on almost any device you want. The system was founded here in Aarhus, the devices are here, and the system is developed and run by a local team. Would you like to see what that looks like, and maybe get started yourself?