2019 | Leadership

10.15-10.45: Web2Media

Allan B. Jørgensen, Direktør

When Who accomplishes the Why

When you put Who before What, and ads a little extra Why – you can accomplish great results with a success driven team. We will dive into why we believe so much in “the right who, before the what”, and how this culture helps us succeed in one of the most competitive and ever-changing industries currently. We will hand-out some of our learnings, also which downsides you need to be aware of when you actively support this culture and leadership mentality.

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10.50-11.20: Systematic

Rebecca Laursen Johannsen, Test Project Manager

Happy sourcing

Sourcing has come to stay. But how are we successful in including our sourced colleagues? It often ends up with us and them instead of WE. How do we get different cultures to meet and work smoothly together as a team? How do we embrace the diversities and blend them into the mix we want and need? How do we avoid the pitfalls and get engaged teams that work closely together even though they are a thousand miles apart?

In Systematic we have a tradition of including sourced employees in all our Business Units. I would like to take you on the journey we went on with our Test Team in the Defence department and disclose how we failed and how we succeeded, as well as share our outcomes and learnings.

Rebecca Laursen Johannsen speaker


11.25-11.55: Creuna

Lene Kjær, Senior UX Consultant & Thomas Wosylus, Senior Project Manager 

Leading the way through agile pitfalls

Business leaders are challenged in handling uncertainty and constant change in the market. Agility is a term frequently used in management today indicating an increased need for organisations to rapidly react and respond to internal and external change. Agile software development teams are therefore found in almost all larger organisations today, but despite so much knowledge in the field and an ever-increasing number of coaches, many teams still fall into agile development pitfalls. In our presentation we will draw on our own experiences and provide you with concrete examples on when we’ve found our self in a pit and how we got out.

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12.00-12.30: Designit

Anne Louise Grønnebæk Hansen, Design Director

Designled innovation

Today, Customer Experience (CX) has emerged as a key to competitive advantage. Being able to reframe business problems and opportunities into user needs is a fundamental capability if you want to keep up with market changes and customer expectations. Design leadership is based on a human centric focus that drives innovation and creativity and as it turns out, design is really good for business. So how do you force creativity into big tech-led corporations, what do you do, when you need to scale culture over continents and how do you differentiate between business thinking, design thinking and agile ways of working.

Anne Louise speaker


13.55-14.25: Mjølner

Jens Bæk Jørgensen, Senior Project Manager

Aarhus Rocks, Cairo Rolls: The Many Ups and a Few Downs of Leading a Project with Distributed Teams

We have recently developed a business system to be used in Scandinavia. The project set-up included outsourced development in Egypt. In this talk, we describe the project and the way we did requirements engineering. We identify and discuss requirements challenges we faced on the relatively long path from understanding and capturing the needs of Scandinavian users to providing software developers in Egypt the proper basis to do their work efficiently and with high quality. We consider the impact of differences in languages, cultures and societies.

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14.45-15.15: Systemate

Malik Hejle Taaning & Kim Højgaard Hansen

Creating a value stream – And how to bring your customer along for the ride

A journey from “Please stop changing things!” to “Wow, exiting new feature – ship it”. Changing the mindset of a customer/project team is not easy or without cost. However, the reward is proportional. We have uncovered ways of working, that have helped us provide continuous value in a safe manner. Never compromising on our ability to experiment and learn.

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15.20-15.50: Lego

Søren Bering Andersen, Senior Manager

Specialized Leadership is a must to grow and develop the organization the best

Often we ask of the employees to specialise with one or few areas. Usually Leaders are on the other hand in practise asked to cope with everything from employee development, technical expertise, budgets, HR processes etc. This leads to lack of organizational and individual development, and ultimately drives an organization that cannot perform it’s best. This story is about the learnings of the change in LEGO, were we are trying to change this pitfall, so can stay true to our promises to the employees and organization as such. The ultimate purpose of this story is to provide current and future managers a perspective on how leadership could be, and at the same time provide reflections to specialist about what they should expect from a leader.

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