2019 | Keynote Speaker

Humio: Geeta Schmidt

Time: 13.15 – 13.45
Location: Stakladen

Confessions from a Non-Technical CEO

“I’m the CEO of a software company that sells to a technical audience – and I can’t code. Being a non-technical CEO leading an engineering organization through growth means that I need to rely on the technical expertise of others. But it also means that I provide a unique perspective on prioritizing product features, scaling the team and other key leadership areas. This talk will cover how we at Humio are doing things differently than many other software startups. Using examples from my own life, I’ll share how my non-technical background has helped us manage our challenges of leadership, hiring and customer engagement – and how your different perspectives can be assets for future leadership roles.”

Geeta has over 20 years of software industry experience and is passionate about creating great products for software developers. In her previous role at Trifork, Geeta was the team lead for the expansion and production of GOTO Conference Series which grew from one conference in Denmark to an international series with activities in 6 cities worldwide. Geeta managed strategic partnerships to launch QCon SF and QCon London conferences, Scala Days, FlowCon events. Prior to Trifork, Geeta held product and partner marketing roles in the financial services, market development and new product introduction teams at Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle). Last but not least, Geeta is an ex-pat from Seattle living in Aarhus, Denmark.

Geeta speaker.png